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Cage Spray Car

Aviavax Cage Spray operated with battery is a high capacity sprayer to vaccinate 50.000 birds at cage per hour. With constant pressure and adjustable nozzles desired vaccine intake is ensured.


  • Can spray to both sides up to 10 times.
  • Sustained usage due to ceramic nozzles.
  • Constant droplet size during vaccination due to constant pressure.
  • 75µ-300µ droplet sizes due to adjustable pressure and replaceable nozzles.
  • High grade vaccination guarantee with constant flow rate and pressure.
  • Vehicle speed is contrelled with speed indicator.
  • Dosage is controlled by speed indicator and this prevents excess or deficient vaccination.
  • Adjustable arms and spraying nozzles cover all cages and birds.
  • Individually adjustable nozzles.
  • Easy to refill and release vaccine tank.
  • long battery life up to 5 hours.

Technicial Details

Providing flock health with grafting success means higher performance with less input costs. Aviavax aims to improve the quality of the grafting process up to the incubation process.

The quick and easy vaccination of the vaccination team means that the vaccination quality is increased, as well as the stress-free work. Aviavax has been developed to provide technical support to your employees and improve business ergonomics.

The effectiveness of our protection program means superior efficacy against all possible threats during the production period. Aviavax supports your protection program by providing innovative development to your company.

  • Target Commercial layer and breeder
  • Vaccination Technique Spray
  • Weight 83 kg
  • Battery 5 hours
  • Capacity 50.000 birds per hour
  • Pressure Range 2 - 6 bars
  • Tank Capacity 5 litres
  • Droplet Size 75µ-300µ
  • Range Between Arms 70mm - 1100mm