Company Profile


The poultry industry continues to grow rapidly in parallel with the increase of human population. Vaccination technology and equipment have become increasingly important for vaccination success, while in recent years development has largely been achieved through preventive medicine.

From their head office in Italy Aviavax is experienced in vaccination and vaccination technologies in the field of Poultry Vaccines, and Veterinary Biologic Products Aviavax provides professionals high-quality poultry vaccination equipment to world poultry industry.

The company combines the expectations of poultry professionals with the performance and design areas under the roof of the Aviavax Vaccination Equipment. Each model is made of 100% stainless steel, resulting in durability and long service life.


Providing flock health with grafting success means higher performance with less input costs. Aviavax aims to improve the quality of the grafting process up to the incubation process.

The quick and easy vaccination of the vaccination team means that the vaccination quality is increased, as well as the stress-free work. Aviavax has been developed to provide technical support to your employees.

The effectiveness of our protection program means superior efficacy against all possible threats during the production period. Aviavax supports your protection program by providing innovative development to your company.